Emission impossible? Air pollution, national governance, and the transport sector

Stronger evidence has emerged in recent years about the detrimental impact of air pollution to human health, the economy and the environment. Consequently, there is growing public and political pressure for tougher action to reduce levels of air pollution in the UK. The report focuses on the sources of, impacts of, and attitudes towards air pollution across the whole of the UK.

The UK’s departure from the EU means that there is an opportunity to raise air pollution standards in the UK. The report proposes new, ambitious legal limits, legal responsibilities and policies on air pollution.

Pressure in the pipeline: decarbonising the UK's gas

Decarbonising the UK’s gas network presents one of the most significant political and economic challenges facing the UK. Natural gas delivered by the network has been a mainstay of our energy system for more than 50 years. However, the continued use of unabated natural gas is inconsistent with meeting the UK’s legally binding greenhouse gas emissions target.

This report examines the key issues concerning deeper decarbonisation of the gas network. It concludes by recommending new policies for the UK to reduce natural gas use and decarbonise the gas network affordably and with minimal disruption.

Pressure in the pipeline cover-3.png