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Britain lobbies for right to host 2020 climate meeting


Bright Blue's polling on younger voters' attitudes towards policy issues which they would like to hear senior politicians talk more about was referenced in an article in the Financial Times. 

Leslie Hook writes that the "UK government has accelerated its green agenda since a poll conducted for the Tories last year found that climate change was the issue voters between the ages of 18 and 28 wanted politicians to prioritise more."

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Conservative green policies are reaching out to young people – but it’s their stance on Brexit that really matters


Bright Blue's senior research fellow, Sam Hall, was quoted in an article from the Independent about the Conservative Party's environment policies and young people. Our polling, which shows how important environment issues are for the under 40s, was also referenced. Speaking about the 2017 General Election, Sam said:

One of the main reasons the Conservatives lost their parliamentary majority in 2017 was their failure to appeal to the younger, socially liberal voters of metropolitan Britain. It’s very welcome the Government now recognises the political opportunity of going green.

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