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'Urgent priority': Major rethink required to spur green gas investment

Bright Blue’s latest report on decarbonising the UK’s gas networks, entitled Pressure in the pipeline, has been covered by an article in BusinessGreen.

The report calls for the Government to encourage gas network decarbonisation as an urgent priority.

It makes the case for a new 'low carbon gas obligation' on gas suppliers with a requirement to deliver a steadily increasing proportion of biomethane, bioSNG, and hydrogen to the gas network.

Read the coverage in BusinessGreen here.

Read Bright Blue’s report, Pressure in the pipeline here.

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Net Zero: Understanding The Trend That Will Shape The Century


Our Senior Associate Fellow, Ben Caldecott, has been quoted in an article on BusinessGreen about the recent drive for net zero emissions. Ben argued that the UK should take on a leadership role for net zero internationally.

Here's an excerpt: 

The UK was a leader in adopting the Climate Change Act 10 years ago and we have made amazing progress cutting emissions, but we do need to look at net zero and how to get there. There is an opportunity for the UK, and a responsibility for the UK as the originator of the industrial revolution, to move early on this. It is important we have countries that show this is possible. That is important for the global transition.

The article also cited Bright Blue's polling, contained in our policy report, Hotting up. It reiterated our finding that 64% of UK adults agree the country should aim to cut its carbon emissions to zero in the next few decades, including 58 per cent of Conservative Party voters.

Read the full article here.