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Britain once led the world in fighting climate change. We should reclaim that mantle

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Our Head of Research, Sam Hall, has written for Telegraph Refresh about our latest report, Hotting up. In his article, Sam states that the UK should establish a leading and international net-zero alliance to reclaim its status as a global champion on climate change mitigation. 

Here's an excerpt:

To drive deeper decarbonisation, the Government should, therefore, enshrine in law a new net-zero greenhouse gas emission target. The Government should ask the CCC to advise on an appropriate date for achieving net-zero greenhouse emissions, so that the UK can make an equitable contribution to meeting the Paris Agreement’ 1.5°C goal.

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How to build a clean, green economy


Our Researcher, Philip Box, has written for CapX about our latest report, Hotting up

Philip makes the case for deeper decarbonisation of Britain, and sets out how it could be achieved in the agricultural, energy, and transport sectors. He also cites Bright Blue's polling, which shows, amongst other things, that 64% of UK adults think Britain should cut its carbon emissions to zero in the coming decades, and that 63% agreed that the UK should be a global leader in tackling climate change.

Here's an excerpt: 

The UK should enshrine in law a new net zero emissions target in line with the Paris Agreement. This target would provide clarity to businesses and the public on the UK’s long-term ambition for decarbonisation and would strengthen the low-carbon economy, which is already experiencing above average growth.

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Hotting up: Government urged to lead G7 in embracing net zero target


Our latest report, Hotting up, has been covered in an article on BusinessGreen. Our Head of Research, Sam Hall, was quoted saying that the "Conservative government has another opportunity to lead by making the UK the first G7 country to enshrine in law a net zero emissions target". 

Conservative MP, Simon Clarke, was also quoted saying that "the scientific, technological and legal case for the UK to establish a net zero target is so strong ... Bright Blue are right: the time to put net zero into law has come".

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