Eamonn Ives: Our government must spend more on preserving global nature - the people will profit

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Our Researcher, Eamonn Ives, has written for the Telegraph ahead of London’s hosting of the Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference 2018.

In his article, Eamonn references Bright Blue and the Conservative Environment Network’s joint report, Saving global nature: greening UK Official Development Assistance, and calls for the Government to use the international aid budget to establish a new ‘Global Nature Conservation Fund’, and spend at least £1 billion a year to help protect, restore, and enhance some of the most iconic parts of the natural world, including mitigating the illegal wildlife trade.

Here’s an excerpt:

This week, the eyes of the international conservation community will be on the UK. The Government should continue with the good work it has been doing on the IWT, such as the ivory import ban, and commit to supporting global nature conservation more on a par with our international counterparts.

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Londoners in 2050 won't need cars. They'll be living in an app-powered eco-capital

Michael Liebreich, a member of our Green conservatism project's advisory board, has written in the Daily Telegraph about his vision for a sustainable London in 2050. This essay was originally commissioned for Bright Blue and Localis's essay collection, The Future of London 2050. He predicts that by 2050 private car ownership in London will decline significantly.

Here's an excerpt:

Private cars have had a good century: they have dominated our streets, for good and for bad, but they palpably going out of fashion in cities around the world.

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