Green Shoots Of Recovery: Why The Conservatives Are Embracing The Environment


Our researcher, Eamonn Ives, has written for HuffPost about the launch of the Government's 25 Year Environment Plan. In the article, he referenced how many of the policies contained in the Plan have been championed by Bright Blue, including the coal phase-out and a rethink of rural payments once Britain leaves the Common Agricultural Policy. 

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The greenwashing of Theresa May


Bright Blue's senior research fellow, Sam Hall, has been quoted on Politico ahead of the launch of the 25 Year Environment Plan. He spoke of how the Plan should build on the Government's recent "achievements and positive rhetoric". He further added that continued environmental ambition would help the Conservative Party "with it's challenge of winning younger voters among whom it did so badly at the last general election".

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Plastic-free aisles: May to promise end to 'avoidable' plastic waste by 2042


Bright Blue's senior research fellow, Sam Hall, has been quoted in an article on businessGreen in relation to the recently announced 25 Year Environment Plan. Sam reference the fundamental nature of environmental stewardship to conservatism, and continued by saying:

There is also a major political opportunity in the environmental agenda for the Conservative Party, which performed poorly among younger voters at the last general election. Bright Blue polling shows that green policies, such as generating more renewable energy, are particularly popular among younger voters. Going green therefore is rightly central to the party's programme of renewal.

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How to reform rural payments and make a ‘green Brexit’ a reality


Bright Blue's researcher Eamonn Ives has written for BrexitCentral about the release of our new report, A greener, more pleasant land

Here's an excerpt:

Rather than having different bodies paying for different things using different methods and overlapping approaches, we propose the creation of a single rural payments budget that commissions farmers and land owners to deliver ecosystem services.

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