Green Shoots Of Recovery: Why The Conservatives Are Embracing The Environment


Our researcher, Eamonn Ives, has written for HuffPost about the launch of the Government's 25 Year Environment Plan. In the article, he referenced how many of the policies contained in the Plan have been championed by Bright Blue, including the coal phase-out and a rethink of rural payments once Britain leaves the Common Agricultural Policy. 

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Combine ecology with market forces for a greener and pleasanter post-Brexit Britain


Bright Blue's senior associate fellow Ben Caldecott has written for the Telegraph about the launch of our new report, A greener, more pleasant land, in which we propose a new, market-based commissioning scheme for rural payments after Brexit. 

Here's an excerpt:

There are significant benefits of a market-based approach to commissioning ecosystem services. Not only can competition improve value for money, it can improve the quality of ecosystem services and introduce new non-public sources of funding into rural activity. The approach we propose is adaptable and can be modified in response to changing priorities, needs and budgets.

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Ditch subsidies to rich farmers after Brexit, urges Bright Blue think tank


Bright Blue's senior associate fellow Ben Caldecott has been quoted in the Times in an article covering the release of our new report, A greener, more pleasant land.

Speaking about our proposals, Ben said:

"Commissioning ecosystem services effectively using market-based approaches will bring significant benefits, including a more sustainable farming industry, enhanced natural beauty, greater biodiversity, increased carbon sequestration, improved natural flood defences, better water quality, better mental and physical health, and better air quality".

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How to reform rural payments and make a ‘green Brexit’ a reality


Bright Blue's researcher Eamonn Ives has written for BrexitCentral about the release of our new report, A greener, more pleasant land

Here's an excerpt:

Rather than having different bodies paying for different things using different methods and overlapping approaches, we propose the creation of a single rural payments budget that commissions farmers and land owners to deliver ecosystem services.

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