Bright Blue submits letter to The Times: 'Green-edged Tories'

Bright Blue’s Director, Ryan Shorthouse, submitted a letter to The Times this week. In it, Ryan draws on past Bright Blue research to point out there is a political mandate for the Government to adopt the Committee on Climate Change’s recent advice to the Government for a legal, net zero emissions target to be reached 2050 at the ver latest, and that market economies are the path to deeper decarbonisation.

Ryan’s submission to The Times is below:

“Sir, There are vocal sceptics of man-made climate change within the Conservative movement (“Climate divides Tories just as much as Brexit”, Rachel Sylvester, May 14), but research by Bright Blue indicates that a clear majority of Conservative Party voters, of all ages, believe that humans are causing climate change and are concerned about its impact.

Our research also shows that climate change is the No 1 issue that adults aged 28 and under want politicians to say and do more about. As Rachel Sylvester rightly suggests, reducing the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions (to net-zero by 2050 at the very latest, as recently recommended by the independent Committee for Climate Change) is an environmental and political necessity for any centre-right government. But the centre-right also needs to argue loudly that it is in fact market economies that have best supported — and will, in the future, best support — deeper decarbonisation.”

Read the letter published in The Times here, and Bright Blue’s polling work on voters’ attitudes to climate change and the UK’s climate leadership here.